Celestial Possession

two massless energies, stuck in the wrong dimension by an unintended quark, snuck aboard a cargo ship, looking for a host with mass to build transport home.

the blue and pink puppets became perfect hosts…

due to differences between the frequency distributions of the two dimensions, celestial energies are only connect via blockchain technology.

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Álbum de recortes descentralizado

ディセントラランド スクラップブック

דעצענטראַללאַנד אַלבאָם

سجل القصاصات اللامركزية

Λεύκωμα αποκομμάτν Decentraland

Beyond The NFT

ChronoT on Beyond The NFT

September 4th, 7PM PST

What an honor to have been asked to be a guest on Beyond the NFT and such an awesome time hanging out with Sinful! The vibes were ultra chill, super interesting, and thoroughly inspiring!

I love spending time with people who are whole heartedly pursuing their passion.

Sometimes I see us as bottle rocket humans. We all want to be lit, fly high as possible, and with the most bloomed out style the entire way. I love flying with you and watching the celebrations and technologies exploding all around me! What A FUTURE!!

Thanks Sinful! That was a blast

TRU SHOAP – Happy Birthday Mew!

By TRU-RockingUniquehorn…

The first-ever music SHOAP! This aMEWzing #DCLfam collab was produced by StoneyEye and airdropped to all who attended SinfulMeatStick’s surprise birthday party in the TRU Band Room.

Produced by @stoney_eye
August 28th, 2023

MoFyah Mondays with STONEY: ChronoT Interview

MoBeatz – Cookin Mo Beets – Billy Teacoin

This is the 13th song from the interactive beat making event MoBeatz in Decentraland at Stoney Eye Studios. This song is by Billy Teacoin featuring vocals from NFT Bubblegum, Chrono T, and Dr. Jaffle

Produced by @stoney_eye
July 23rd, 2023

@OnTheRise in Paradise

@OnTheRise is a founding member of the #WonderCrew in @Decentraland. Our crew (@OnTheRise @CardinalQuack @real_siswyd @bitfiendd), along with @Stoney_Eye (made OTR logo) and the community (@fermion_dcl_eth @zom_eth @ExistentialNoHo @SinfulMeatStick @stoney_eye @CanessaDCL @RefractionDCL @DclRoots and several others, designed the shirt together. I tried to find everyone’s name who donated but my list is incomplete. Please contact me in DCL if you donated and I have not added you.

Decentraland Marketplace – not for sale

WonderWall Crew 2023

The WonderWall Crew 2023 is the result of passion, friendship, and spending a little time each evening to catch up for the day and relax. The founding members of the #WonderCrew are @Aeon_Smash @ontherisecc34 @CardinalQuack @real_siswyd @bitfiend. The future is bright with good friends hungry to swap hard work for ownership!

Decentraland Marketplace – 10 mana

#WonderCrew Profiles

Profiles being updated

@Aeon_Smash / ChronoT

emerged in-silica from human form in 1995. Two years after Yomiuriland, the ethereal Rie Iida, and the enlightenment of Hiphop. To finally land with both feet in Decentraland in Fall of 2021. ChronoT spent most of his time in Wondermine, where he could be found rapping to instrumentals with homemade mead. As the story goes, there was a lone ChronoT rapping one night ignoring haters and digital tomatoes be thrown, until one night @OnTheRise shown up, then @CardinalQuack and then the @real_siswyd. Soon afterward, @bitfiend joined us to for the #WonderCrew

ChronoT is about Art




Project Design


Optimizing the Future of Human Potential


(aKa DJ OTR or gOaTR)

OnTheRise is a sister, best friend, and glue and a driving force behind the WonderCrew

OnTheRise has surpassed insurmountable odds to arise from burning ashes with ember wings and whipping winds. Though mystery surpasses known facts of OTR she continues to surprise us each week with new aspects of her “rising phoenix” revolution



CardinalQuack is a mentor, brother, best friend, the glue and a driving force behind the WonderCrew. CQ brings honesty, insight, experience, and integral in design in quality aspects. Cardinal is a land owner in Alien Worlds, user of Wax, and several other Blockchains. Projects spring while in discussion with CQ. CardinalQuack, as OTR, is enshrouded in mystery….

Official Cardinal of The Metaverse – AW Land Owner (Neri 10:3) – DCL Citizen

Holiday Greetings by Cardinal Quack


Siswyd is a sister, best friend, the glue and a driving force behind the WonderCrew.

Every crew who ever crafted future zeitgeists has a story where all of the pieces came together to form, like Voltron, emerging paths from the ether of pure creativity and passion. Siswyd never asked to be a part of our crew but our crew would not be without Siswyd. Siswdy is uniquely strong, smart, funny, insightful and our parties in Wondermine are never complete without her and her ghost.


Bitfiendd is a brother, best friend, the glue and a driving force behind the WonderCrew. Bitfiend is truly a 1:1 unique mint of a human being, so truly ironic his trademark is calling others the greatest of all time (GOAT). Bitfiendd is one of the hardest working people I have known, He frequently reminds me us his grind has diamond teeth, chewing into the future, relentlessly….

BTFD Jacket

BTFD Pants

Project wallet: https://polygonscan.com/address/0x59af3A1d07F3fb9c4234dc602FD29cCD76eF08d1